Simple Plan @ Disney and more!

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Simple Plan @ Disney and more!

A little back story on me… I had heart surgery unexpectedly when I was 16 years old. My mom being the amazing human she is, brought me some CDs and my discman to the hospital to try and make me comfortable and less scared. She brought The Used, all of my Blink-182 CDs, and No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls; my three favorite bands. The hospital staff even played NPNHJB during my MRI because they were awesome. I had a tough year following that surgery and NPNHJB helped me get through it all.

So, when Simple Plan announced their 15 anniversary tour for “No Pads, No Helemets… Just Balls” I was over the moon. Over the years, I had never been able to see them in concert for one reason or another. I decided I was seeing them no matter what finally after 15 years of being a fan!

Then they also announced they were playing at Disney World and I am a passholder so I couldn’t miss out on that! Disney is pretty relaxed when it comes to professional cameras at their concert series so I was able to take some photos of SP too. They played 6 mini shows over the two days. See the galleries below!

Disney – Day 1 Gallery

isney – Day 2 Gallery

After the Disney shows, I drove to Georgia to go to the NPNHJB tour date! I decided to upgrade to the Simple Plan VIP pizza party (BEST DECISION) and was lucky enough to get to go to the sound check as well. I got to meet everyone and tell them my story and thank them for their music. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had meeting musicians I’ve admired.

 IMG_1323 IMG_1325 IMG_1329 IMG_1332 IMG_1335


This got a lot longer than intended but if you’re still with here, thanks for sticking with me!

Until next time! -A

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