Simple Decorate An Open Concept Kitchen

However, creating a concept that is inviting and brings in the rest of your décor is a bit more difficult- which is where we come into play. We have put together a guide on how to help you create a seamless approach towards your open concept kitchen.

Work on adding minimal detailing throughout the room that works with the entire space regardless of what furniture items or decorative pieces you use.

When it comes to an open concept kitchen, the main focus should be in the details. You want to choose furniture and materials that are multifunctional, unique yet with a unified appeal. The idea is to have charming elements that add an extra dose to the room without creating a cluttered touch.

Pair your open kitchen with fun outdoor decor in order to bring that indoor/outdoor feel that brightens the room.
Perfect for a more laidback appeal consider having a blend of indoor and outdoor décor to bring a sleek approach to the room.

Whether your kitchen meets your living room or your dining room the key is having a blend of both while still being minimal. You want to add signature outdoor elements such as plants, a hanging chair, and bold colors to truly bring forth that seamless appeal.

United Look
For a unified look use colors in the same color palette. Not only will this bring a charming touch but the rooms will appear seamlessly together.

Working with an open concept kitchen means that you know you will bring together two decorating styles in order to bring one unified look. In order to do that you want to use the same color palette, similar textures, and comparable light fixtures so the room feels united throughout.

Cozy Appeal
In order to bring a cozy simple approach keep your decor simple yet have your stools match your living room patterns for a similar approach that is quite cozy and ethereal.

If your living room sits directly in front of your kitchen, consider adding a cozy, cohesive appeal. To do that you want to use intimate elements such as colorful throw pillows and add them. The key is matching them with the décor that is already displayed in the kitchen, including your island stools.

Shrink your Island
The smaller your island the grander your open concept kitchen will appear. Keep your island longer yet slimmer for a modern twist that enhances the overall aesthetics of the room.

If you have a smaller kitchen and dining area space, consider shrinking your island. The smaller your island is the more put together and grander the room will feel. Essentially, you want your island to appear less bold in order to allow the two spaces to blend beautifully together.

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