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Back To Tulsa

Back To Tulsa

I returned to Tulsa for Hanson Day 2016 after having such an amazing time last year. I went to Tulsa a few days early to explore. I spent my first day traveling then walking around aimlessly with no particular destination in mind. The next day, I went back to Turkey Mountain for a lovely three hour hike! This was probably one of my slowest hikes because I kept stoping to photograph but it was so beautiful and I had an […]

Starting a new journey…

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Starting a new journey...

So, I said goodbye to Los Angeles a few days ago and drove across the country to Florida.   I spent some two days off in Tulsa. It’s such a pretty place and I love it there. I ate lots of delicious vegan food and enjoyed some local art. On our last day, I took my boys for a nice sunrise hike at Turkey Mountain. I loved LA but I wasn’t making enough art. So, I’m going to doing be […]

Strange Little Outings Tulsa Edition

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Strange Little Outings Tulsa Edition

Sorry this post is a few days late. I arrived back to LA late Monday night and then proceeded to move into my new apartment immediately the next day. I am now officially moved! Strange Little Outings Tulsa Edition Downtown Tulsa. This was the coolest bridge. I walked across it every day I was in Tulsa. The Street Art of Tulsa. Waiting in line. Of coarse I needed to take a picture of my feet. My photos wouldn’t of been […]

I’m in Tulsa!

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I'm in Tulsa!

  I flew to Tulsa yesterday for the weekend. I’m here for the yearly Hanson Day and HopJam! I’m super excited! I won’t photographing any of the concerts but I’m kinda happy to just enjoy hearing one of my favorite bands (20 years, what!)!  I spent the day wandering around downtown and figuring out where all the fun was going to happen. I’m sitting at a coffee cafe right now relaxing. I forgot my card reader in Los Angeles, so I […]