Back To Tulsa

Back To Tulsa

I returned to Tulsa for Hanson Day 2016 after having such an amazing time last year. I went to Tulsa a few days early to explore. I spent my first day traveling then walking around aimlessly with no particular destination in mind.

IMG_3082 IMG_3114

The next day, I went back to Turkey Mountain for a lovely three hour hike! This was probably one of my slowest hikes because I kept stoping to photograph but it was so beautiful and I had an amazing time!
IMG_3716 IMG_3725

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After my hike, local artist Steve Cluck hosted a photo shoot for his Don’t Hate The 918 Project. I had a blast and I loved the opportunity to support a local Tulsa artist I admire!
IMG_3251 IMG_3747

Thursday! I started my day walking around Mayfest and enjoying all of the talented artists! Shortly after, all of my friends from around the world stared to arrive in Tulsa. Then the Hanson activities began!!! And it wouldn’t be a Hanson event without standing in line while it rained!
IMG_3745 Yes, a cardboard cutout of Hanson! This was awesome! Haha!

Awesome painting on the wall of the I heart Hanson store of the ‘Loud’ album artwork!

IMG_3253 IMG_3293
Random Street Graffiti and Isaac @ A Song To Sing Karaoke

After Karaoke with Isaac, we went next door to the Hunt Club to see All About A Bubble and had a blast!

I was really looking forward to Friday because that meant it was Lecture Day (also group photos, who doesn’t love photos with Hanson!)!
IMG_3433B IMG_3439B IMG_3454B IMG_3457B
Isaac’s Lecture: You Matter!!!
Such an inspirational lecture. I can’t put into words how much I loved his lecture and what it meant to me. It’s a memory I’ll hold dear for the rest of my life.

“Courage is taught
Integrity is taught
and both worthless
if you do nothing.”

IMG_3479B IMG_3481B
Taylor’s Lecture: Unwritten

IMG_3510B IMG_3530B IMG_3531B
Zac’s Lecture: Choo Choo Trains Of Thought
Another amazing moment, we got to witness Zac Hanson record a song and lend our voices to the track as well! Toot, toot!

We ended the night with the Dance Like You Don’t Care Dance Party wit Taylor. I didn’t bring my camera to that but it was a total blast!

On Saturday, We started the day with some bowling!
IMG_3542 IMG_3560  IMG_3572 IMG_3822
Our team, No Sleep For Bowlditos, didn’t even crack the top five but we had a blast and that’s all that really matters.

After walking around a bit, we all got ready for the special Hanson Day concert! This concert was amazing! Hanson performed two new EPs, ‘Loud’ and ‘Play’! We even got to record vocals for four songs off ‘Play’!
IMG_3673 IMG_3742 IMG_3799 IMG_3946 IMG_4107

(FYI, if you’re still reading this blog, YOU ARE AWESOME! When I started writing, I didn’t think it would be this long! Thanks for hanging in there!)

Sunday Funday HOP JAM Style!

Started the day off with exploring where Hanson filmed “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Something” while we waited for the Hop Jam events to begin!
IMG_4206 IMG_4211

IMG_3889 IMG_3896
And I Waited! More Lines! Haha! and Awesome Selfie with Isaac!

Hanson Brothers Beer Co.

IMG_4243 IMG_4250
Working on the 3CG Mural!

IMG_4262 IMG_4265B
And finished!!

Monday was my last day in Tulsa and I had planned to go to the zoo but the rain had a different plan. So, I ended up wandering around downtown, coffee in hand, photographing.
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Then we ended the night with more karaoke! It was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back again next year!


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