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Cozy Coffee Table Ideas 2019

Let’s face it, most coffee tables are either large enough to fit multiple people (which is not necessary) or they’re extremely long and take up too much room, in all actuality you want to find a coffee table that balances the room in a cohesive manner. With that being said, here are a few coffee table ideas for your smaller apartment that will enhance the room and give it a stylish new look. Hexagon TableEven in the tiniest of living rooms, a hexagon table can Continue reading →

Cozy Charming Window Seat Ideas

However, even though they have their own sense of charm it is time to decorate them and bring them forth in your décor, regardless of where you have them in your home. The following charming window seat ideas will help you bring the outside directly in. Corner Seating For your corner window make sure your decor is grand in a warm manner for an extra dose of charm. If we have a corner window seat, consider updating it by creating a simple lounge nook. Lounge Continue reading →

Beautiful Bright White Dining Rooms

The main reason for this is decorating the dining room can be a bit complicated- they sit right in the middle of the kitchen and the foyer which means they can blend well with either decorating themes. However, it can be a bit puzzling which is where a white dining room can be an excellent option- they’re white, clean, and work well with numerous decorating styles. Lanterns Even if your dining room consists of a small nook, having a large lantern light fixture can make Continue reading →

Awesome Home Bar Decorating Ideas

Whether you want to bring the spotlight to your home bar, or you simply want to upgrade it, we have put together a guide. Here is our take on a few chic ways to décor your home bar. The SophisticatedAdd a metallic touch for a grander effect, while keeping your decor upscale and grand.Having a sophisticated home bar is a great way of allowing your bar to blend seamlessly with your décor. This idea works best when your home bar is part of your kitchen. Continue reading →

Beautiful Modern Open Space Decorating Ideas

If you are seeking to upgrade your open space, here are some chic open space decorating ideas that will help you do just that. Mediterranean with a TwistWhen going for a Mediterranean feel consider wood in a bold manner, specifically blond wood. Blond wood is great for giving a rustic feel but in a softer man with a brightening effect. Have you ever wanted to have a Mediterranean touch in your home yet can’t figure out how to do it the right way? If that Continue reading →

Awesome Chic Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

Regardless if you want to upgrade your fireplace or completely remodel it, here are chic fireplace remodeling ideas to help you along the way. Blend itCreating a matchy-matchy aesthetics is great to create a seamless approach that makes the room feel put together and be cozy yet blend in beautifully. When it comes to fireplaces, many are either displayed as a main focus or are part of the living room. In this case, we wanted to bring you a twist of uniqueness by showcasing a Continue reading →

Interior Design Spring Trends 2019

What better way to do this than to learn about the latest spring trend’s and incorporate them into your current decor. With that being said, here are the latest spring trends that are completely taken over. Less is More This spring you want to have one the items that make sense to you in the room, if it feels a bit too much you don’t want to have it at all. This spring we are focusing more on sustainability and less on adding too many Continue reading →

Modern Bathrooms With Subway Tiles

However, they are most popular in the kitchen and the bathroom, which is perfect when you want to take your bathroom to new heights of home décor. The following bathroom subway tile ideas are so enchanting you will want to run to Home Depot and find a new style for your most used room of the home. Traditional & ClassicThe dark grouting adds a second layer of dimension that makes complete sense in a room. There is something about it that creates a beautiful display Continue reading →

Awesome Modern Kitchen Ideas

With that being said, we have put together our favorite modern kitchen ideas that have just the right amount of charm with just the right amount of unique spice. Every chef deserves the very best why not give it to them with an upgraded kitchen. Gentle HuesNot all kitchens need to be bright, in order to make a big statement. Some of them can have a gentle palette and make just the same amount of impact. Use neutral hues such as sand, beige, gray and/or Continue reading →

Simple Decorate An Open Concept Kitchen

However, creating a concept that is inviting and brings in the rest of your décor is a bit more difficult- which is where we come into play. We have put together a guide on how to help you create a seamless approach towards your open concept kitchen. Work on adding minimal detailing throughout the room that works with the entire space regardless of what furniture items or decorative pieces you use. When it comes to an open concept kitchen, the main focus should be in Continue reading →